Handling Data KS2

data handling investigation questions ks2

Data handling investigation questions ks2


Pupils can use tables and charts to collect information, as well as comparing various methods of displaying survey results. We’ve also included a selection of resources for pupils to practise interpreting data from charts and graphs.A two-part activity, to collect and plot information on a scatter graph, followed by an opportunity to compare data using a block graph. Use for whole class discussions or for individual pupils to explore, then report back their findings. Includes teacher’s notes, illustrated identification keys and record sheets. Pupils use the data in the personal profiles to draw bar charts and to ask and answer a number of questions.A PowerPoint to stimulate discussion about an unlabelled bar chart. Good for looking at any trends in the results and for children to understand why labels are important. Also has examples of data to analyse and interpret, with questions.A project that allows pupils to handle data in a real life context. Year 5 collect discrete data, find the mode and range and display the results on an interactive bar graph. Data Handling ITP to to develop children’s interpretation of data presented on vertical and horizontal barcharts and pie charts. However, it is only through investigative work that students of all ages and abilities can start to appreciate the true beauty of the subject. It uses the free dynamic geometry package, GeoGebra, to help students derive, identify and better understand all of the key circle theorems. PE equipment, then this is the page for you. There is magic in maths which comes alive outside. Children appreciate the opportunity to work in groups, experiment and investigate with bigger materials. I have put 10 pebbles in one bag to represent the 3 times table. Photo Booth on an iPad remains one of the funkiest ways of looking through the lens I know. It is a useful addition to any light and colour project because what one sees can be photographed. It can capture images for later use. Ordinary kaleidoscopes do not have this ability.