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investment banking drugs

Investment banking drugs


Hermes or Ferragamo label had his tie snipped off at the knot, and was told to 'spend more money and dress like an Investment Banker'.This exceptional case, however, resulted in disciplinary action and a few exits. Buenos Aires back in the good ol’ days.I wish you’d write your articles while taking into account women that work in this field as well. There are plenty of female bankers to merit a consideration for our own mileu in the industry. Making money isn’t based on gender, plenty of wealthy women bankers making a fortune for their companies. So, instead of talking about trophy wives, let’s talk about trophy husbands. We appreciate your input and no, I definitely agree with you that plenty of capable and successful female bankers make a fortune for their companies too.I cannot comment because this varies according to the individual. Makeup and plastic surgeries can make women look more attractive. I started in an insurance company’s PE arm right after my bachelor graduation. Now I have been there for 3 months. I now really understand why people say PE is the promising land. Small team, a lot to learn (unlike IBD), bankers and others kiss ur ass, a nice boss (that depends) whom I would love to see myself to be in a few years. One reason is that it seems actually quite rare, confined to little pockets. Another reason is that it's illegal. This interviewee was ready to share his experiences. We are meeting somewhere in the heart of the City, on a Friday evening. Basically it is a perfect picture of how people imagine life of an investment banker to be. You wear an expensive suit and tell CEOs what to do. You fly all around the world and take on high profile cases. Before that your pay per hour won’t differ much from your university friends. I know I did. On those rare occasions when they are out of the office, they also spend a lot. However, the stories rarely go beyond drinking. And after all, most junior analysts don’t have enough money to party often.